Our high quality protein range offers you a healthier choice that can help you get the protein you need throughout the day. Whether you’re at home or out and about, on the go; be it breakfast or an after dinner treat, try one of our products today.

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Protein Bars

Protein up, sugar down.

Choose the 5-Star Health Rated healthier option and get the protein you need on the go, anywhere, any time.

FEEL CONFIDENT: No other protein bar has a higher health rating than 28GO.

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Protein Powder

Protein up, sugar down.

Protein up, carbs down.

Enjoy as a shake on its own or boost your smoothies and breakfast bowls to get the protein you need to support muscle health and recovery.

Protein Indulgence

Protein up, flavour-packed indulgent snacks.

Protein up, sugar down.

Satisfy cravings, the healthy way. Treat yourself with 4-5 Star Health Rated guilt-free goodness, that the whole family can enjoy.

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Protein Water

Protein up, sugar down.

Protein up, collagen in.

Quench your thirst while you get your daily boost of protein with the added glow benefits of these fruity drinks to support muscle health and recovery.

Protein + Collagen

Protein up, sugar down.

Protein up, collagen in and sugar down.

Get ready to enjoy the benefits of protein and collagen. Easy to make, easy to enjoy.

Protein + Collagen hot chocolate
Protein super greens

Super Greens

Daily Superfood Fix

Daily Superfood fix

Feel the benefits of probiotics and over 20 vitamins and minerals. Simply add to a shake or any meal.

“This is a better choice of snack!”

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“This is a better choice!”

Australian Health & Fitness expert, Celebrity Trainer, Author and founder of Australia’s fastest growing online training and nutrition program, 28 by Sam Wood, Sam knows how to keep things simple and relatable for people to achieve a healthy lifestyle whilst juggling multiple commitments. When it comes to nutrition, he has built a long-standing reputation around being able to explain what works and just as importantly, what doesn’t.

Are you getting enough protein daily?

Protein is an important part of maintaining a healthy diet. If you are wondering how much protein you need to support your health and fitness goals, look no further.

Our protein calculator is here to help. No one body is the same, which means the right amount of protein varies from person to person, your intake will also depend on factors like your activity level and fitness objectives.

To get started, simply input some basic information, and our calculator will provide you with a personalised protein recommendation.

Elevate your health & wellbeing today, with 28GO!

If you are new to protein supplements, or looking for delicious new protein powered recipes then you have come to the right place. Australian health & fitness expert, Sam Wood and friends share their knowledge about all things protein and how you too can live a healthier lifestyle.